The Bohemians 2023
Paintings in a gallery with one hung upside down
Five Paintings 2023-24
Things 2022
A piece of A4 paper, torn in two down the middle, and arranged to form a square with a gap.
Not yet titled 2021
Image of artworks in a vitrine
East Anglian Fine Art Study Centre (click image for details)
‘November Pyramid’ 2019
1st May 1970 2020

How Art is Used 2018

Artist Boss 2016-17
Spinoza 2018
Everyone is an Curator 2015
Gallery Shots 2014

12 Instructions 2014
The Yesable Proposition 2010
The Use of Money 2009
Triple Conical Enclosures with Truncations 2006
Unfinished Business 2008
King 2005
Unfinished Business 2008
Pairing 2003