Image of artworks in a vitrine
Tacita Dean

The East Anglian Fine Art Study Centre has two main strands. Rotating displays in a vitrine within Norwich University of the Arts show prints, editions and original works by artists alongside contextualising materials. Previous displays have included Jane Simpson, Clunie Reid, Tacita Dean, Ceal Floyer, Francis Alys, Aleksandra Mir, Richard Wentworth and John Baldessari. The centre is aimed mostly at students within the university although public access can be arranged.

The other strand brings together my research and writing around what might be called the ‘sociology of the art world’. This has included an analysis of contemporary art in daily newspapers, articles about artworks apparently thrown away by gallery cleaners, the role of critics in creating meaning around artworks, and a private view reader for a session at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Most recently, I have compiled a history of artist-run spaces in Norwich. All are downloadable below or from the writing page. My piece ‘How Art is Used’ is an ongoing collection of magazine adverts that refer to the archetypes and cliches of fine art, and ‘The Bohemians’ traces the origin of the artists’ beret back to Rembrandt.