This is a selection of feature articles and papers to download. I have been a regular writer and reviewer for Art Monthly magazine since 2001, you can search their website for full details of over forty reviews and articles. In addition I am regularly invited to contribute catalogue essays and have written for the Royal Academy, Milton Keynes Gallery, Site Gallery, & Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt. My interviews with Richard Tuttle and Bethan Huws were included in Talking Art 2 published by Ridinghouse.

I recently co-edited and wrote for the book Artist Boss, which you can buy here.



Research or Production? The problem of methodology in fine art 2018

Contemporary Art in the News 2015

Lost & Found 2014

Archives: Digital v Paper 2013

Out of Many, One 2012

Beyond Public Art 2009

Plywood Utopias 2006

Against Explanation 2005

Judgement Call 2004