This is a selection of feature articles and papers to download. I have been a regular writer and reviewer for Art Monthly magazine since 2001, you can search their website for full details of over forty reviews and articles. In addition I am regularly invited to contribute catalogue essays and have written for the Royal Academy, Milton Keynes Gallery, Site Gallery, & Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt. My interviews with Richard Tuttle and Bethan Huws were included in Talking Art 2 published by Ridinghouse.

I recently co-edited and wrote for the book Artist Boss, which you can buy here.


The Phantom Practice Only Thesis 2020 [Forthcoming in the JWCP] 

Virtual, and Other Bodies 2019 

Research or Production? The problem of methodology in fine art 2018

Contemporary Art in the News 2015

Lost & Found 2014

Archives: Digital v Paper 2013

Out of Many, One 2012

Beyond Public Art 2009

Plywood Utopias 2006

Against Explanation 2005

Judgement Call 2004