There is a a comprehensive list of my published magazine articles and catalogue essays on the cv page of this website. Download PDFs of selected features here. It is now possible to search for my various reviews and pieces for Art Monthly since 2001 at

Following the direction of my recent art works, I have been writing about the ways that contemporary art is received and used by different audiences. The article 'Lost & Found' reflects some research I conducted on media representations of contemporary art in the UK, and is hopefully the start of a larger academic research project. I have also written critically about the way that participatory practices are often used and abused. Writers who are artists do have a greater insight, I feel, into the problems and processes of the studio, and I have sometimes tried to address these in essay form. It is easy to criticise from the sidelines as a critic, but as an artist you have to face the problem of actually putting something physical and material out there.

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